Check her out!

She is so beautiful.  My little angel.  She looks like I did when I was born…

This is the hospital newborn pics that were taken as soon as she was released from the special care nursery.


She is here

Kira Barie Wagner made her way into the world on 11-8-08 at 20:20, weighing in at 7lbs 3 oz and 20″ long.  She is absolutely gorgeous and in spite of her rough journey, she is healthy.

Her story goes a bit like this…

On 11-6-08, my doctor scheduled me for labor induction to take place beginning on 11-10 and expected that she would arrive on 11-11.  The following day, 11-7-08, my water broke at 12:45 pm in my bathroom.  I took a class that tells you the majority of women leak small amounts of water and do not gush…I would not fall into the majority.

With a completely closed cervix, broken waters and contractions hitting me hard and regular, I called Cybrdad at work and laughed at the circumstances…I knew she was bullheaded already in her womb, now she was proving it by defying the doctors orders.  My mother-in-law came to pick me up and take me to the hospital.  They contacted my doctor’s office (by the way, he had just left town for the weekend…of course) and his colleague said to set me up with a pitocin drip immediately to get my cervix opening.

I labored throughout the remainder of the day, all night and into the next morning with only a dose of Stadol to get me some rest during the late night.  After 22 hours of this scenario, I could no longer hold my body up and requested an epidural (even thought the thought of an epidural sends me into panic attack-mode).  I received the epidural and continued to labor the remainder of the morning, afternoon, into the evening and on into the 7 o’clock hour on 11-8-08, when I spiked a fever of 101 degrees and baby Kira began to show signs of stress.  This is when the doc was called in and I was prepped for an emergency c-section.

It is amazing and frightening how quickly this process and preparation is.  I left behind all 7 grandparents who were waiting patiently for her arrival.  Dad dressed for surgery and waited to be let in.  I found myself under bright lights in a sterile, white room with a blue sheet draped in front of my face.  It was at this moment I found myself feeling detached from the moment and more frightened than I have ever been.

Cybrdad was brought in to be by my side and as he watched his little girl be pulled from my abdomen, he was unable to offer me much comfort.  I know he was frightened, too.  As soon as I heard her cry, I wanted to rush to her side.  I was strapped down crucifixion style to a table, though, and unable to go to her.  As much as I wanted Cybrdad near me, I sent him off to be with Kira.  I watched him from a distance as he immediately fell in love with his daughter.  He relayed everything to me as he watched her be cleaned, weighed, suctioned, printed, and he cut the cord.  I was so proud of him at that moment and touched by how much awe he expressed over this little person we made together.

Post birth, she had an infection due to the fever I spiked near the end of labor.  She was taken from us and put in special care and administered antibiotics for 48 hours.  She seems to have pulled through just fine.

I, on the other hand, was released from hospital on Wednesday 11-12-08 and went back Friday for another spinal tap to inject blood into the epidural cavity to relieve my massive spinal headache due to the spinal catheter I received in leiu of an epidural.  I went back again on Sunday with a fever of 101.6 degrees and wasn’t released until Tuesday 11-18-08, where I received 36 hours of IV antibiotics for a uterine infection and felt 10 times better about 20 hours into the treatment.

I was home with infection brewing thinking ‘Why would anyone choose a c-section if the recovery is this painful?!” and I was in excruciating pain, weak, and trying to care for my baby…needless to say, I cried a lot thinking I was doing a horrible job as a mother due to being extra-incapacitated from the infection.

Upon release from the hospital, I came home, showered, got dressed in actual clothing, took a shower, shaved, fixed my hair and then left with Cybrdad and Kira to go to her first pediatrician appointment.  That went well, the doc told us we were doing fine and Kira was doing fine…this turns out to be better than years of therapy, just having a doc say ‘you’re doing fine with your new baby’.

After her doctor appointment, I was actually feeling well enough to stop in for a Bellacino’s grinder with Kira in tow.  We had the place to ourselves, so we opted to dine in.  We sat and ate lunch for the first time as a family unit.  It was kinda cool.

And this is Kira’s story up til now!

Ready to meet my little beastie girl

Hey, my wiggly little girl!  I am ready to meet you.  I have waited a long time for this moment and I believe the time has come.  You are so worth the wait and soon I will get to hold you close.

Meanwhile, I still love feeling you move inside me; however, miracle of life or not, it has gone from cute to relatively uncomfortable when you move.  There is enormous pressure and discomfort…and this isn’t the worst that is to come!  No matter, I am still anxiously awaiting your arrival and so is your Dad.

The house is a mess, the unpacking isn’t finished, but we don’t care…we are ready to meet you.

I read you a book today called “On the Day You Were Born” and I cried a little at how appropriate it was.  All the world is awaiting you, my love, and a circle of people who can’t wait to meet you.  I have so enjoyed having you in my belly, growing and developing, but now I am ready to see you for the first time and watch you grow and develop in the world, in our family, in our love for you.

I will see you very, very soon little one!

Shower ‘n Stuff

I had my first shower this past weekend.  There will be two showers in total, it just works better that way.

My first shower went really well, it was mostly family and everyone was quite generous.  I got to eat cake.  Good cake, too.  White cake with white icing and a chocolate mousse filling…oh, yes, it was sugar icing and not that wanna-be-whipped icing.  Mmmm…so good…especially when sweet treats are few and far between due to gestational diabetes.

My shower was a bit of an anomaly.  There were no diaper, wipes or pacifiers at this shower.  Not one.  Weird, huh?

In other pregnancy news, I am approaching 34 weeks.  I think I am about 3.5 days from week 34.  I am still being monitered twice a week by my doc.  I have a bio-physical ultra-sound exam and non-stress tests plus I meet with my doc…I do this twice per week and it kinda sucks, but I have no other choice so I deal with it.

My doc says that he wishes all his high-risk tests came back with results as good as my baby gives.  She is perfect on paper, although I will try not to hold her to those expectations once she makes her appearance.  She has grown to a whopping 4 lbs., 11 oz. which seems like a lot to me since just 3 weeks ago she was 3.5 lbs.  Apparently her current weight makes her in the 32% size category for her gestational age and assuming that is all accurate, then she will be a good size baby.

Until the next baby shower…

30 weeks and counting

I hate gestational diabetes.

It sucks.  My fingers don’t like it much either, with all the sticking and bleeding they are doing.

I want milk.  That is the one thing I have an insatiable craving for.  Milk.  I cannot have much, about 1 measured cup per day due to the anti-sugar diet I am on.  I hate it.  I NEED MILK!!

Anyway, the milk craving aside, I have been having some issues.  I have seen my doc and he wants me to take it easy.  He also requires that my visits to see him increase to 2 times per week for the duration.  He wants to keep a closer watch on the baby.

I find this moderately disturbing in the fact that two weeks ago I was told I wuld see him ever two weeks…then one week ago I was told I would be seeing him once a week for the duration…now we have been bumped up to twice per week for the duration with ultrasounds every Thursday. 

The good part is that I can rest assured that my doc is keeping tabs on my baby’s health and development…it is the “why” part that concerns me.

Anyway, I have really been worn out lately so haven’t said much on here.  I have been so busy working, house shopping, preparing food that I am allowed to eat, eating every two hours, etc…

Now, I have to slow down a bit.  We MUST find a house.  I NEED to be settled (or partially settled) into my own space before the baby comes.  I also need to have all my fuzzy kids in the same house before then.  I think it would be better for all the fuzzy kids to adapt to having a baby in the house if they were all present before her arrival.

So much to do and so little time.  No wonder I am too exhausted to keep up with blogging.

Seventh Month Stretch

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed my pregnancy thus far…but I must say that my enjoyment is waning.

Now that I am in the 7th month stretch, all is going to shit.

I woke up with a fierce sinus infection Friday morning, which kept me and Cybr awake for about two nights due to my choking on mucus, blowingmy nose and getting up to pee everytime something besides my bladder woke me.  Cybr said I was snoring like a drunken Wookie in between all of the previously mentioned crappiness.

I called my doc to see what, if anything, should be done and he called in an antibiotic. 

Then, just a few hours later, the docs office called back to inform me that I did NOT, in fact, pass the second test and do INDEED have gestational diabetes. 

Top that off with my stomach stretching a little bit more and feeling like it is tearing both flesh and muscle and the big purple stretch marks that came from that sensation…and, well, I am just not enjoying much of anything pregnancy related right now.  In fact, it kinda sucks. 

I have no idea how I am going to get through this next 12 weeks, how I am (selfishness warning!!) goingto deal with my ever-changing for the worse body, and how NOT to spend all my time worrying that my insulin resistance will make this baby GINORMOUS, resulting in her beingforced into the world too early and increasing the likeliness of a c-section.  BAH!!

I feel a little better now.

But only a little.

P.S.  It is my pity party and I am entitled to have it (unless, of course, I never stop the party).  I have been told ABOUT 4 GAZILLION different remedies for preventing stretchmarks and, TRUST ME, I am doing many of them about three times per day and I am STILL GETTING THEM!!!  This just means that anyone who didn’t get them is just really f-ing lucky and should be thankful for it.


I failed my sugar test so I must go back to the doctor and have it repeated, only this time it is the long version.  I was told to bring a book and expect to be there for 4 1/2 hours.  Yay.

I hope the test yields happier results than the first test did…

Also, I registered for baby gifts.  OMG!   As many baby gifts as I have purchased off the registry in the past 12 or so years, I never before realized what a painfully difficult process it actually is.  I do not envy any new mom-to-be that doesn’t have a small army of support to take with her.  It is mind-numbing and a long time to be on one’s feet.

I have pictures of all the registry excitement with my two friends (and moms) that helped me get through the gazillion choices that have to be made.  It was fun, but exhausting. 

Pictures of registering and of the bump to come soon!

Happy Face!

Daddy is coming home soon

To the little kicking machine growing inside me:

Your daddy is coming home from Hong Kong soon and I know that you will be very happy to hear him and have him close.  You kick a lot whenever I speak to him on the phone, I don’t know if that is a coincidence or not but it cracks me up.

I am so looking forward to the look of surprise when he sees how much you have grown and the joy it will give him to feel how strong you are when you kick your mommy.

He will be here in less than a day, so let’s get a good-night sleep tonight!

At least I did moon everyone…again

I have a case of “baby brain”.  It probably isn’t a severe case of it, but occasionally it rears its ugly head.

I don’t know if any of you remember the “shoe incident” or the “moon over buddha” incident I have posted about in the past couple of months (both of which were moments of severe baby brain)…well, this is a similar story.

It seems that my “baby brain” incidents have a tendency to manifest in the form of wardrobe malfunctions.

You see, I wore a comfortable knee-length peasant skirt to work Friday and I wore it at home for several hours and I wore it to my friends house to meet her family and have dinner…it was on our way to have dinner that I noticed it.  Something was not right with my skirt and I could not pinpoint exactly what was the problem…

And then it occurred to me…

It was on wrong side out.

I got a laugh at this and told my friend about it so that she, too, may get a good laugh.  At dinner, I excused myself to use the bathroom and upon my return she asked if I “righted” my skirt.

My reply?  “Nah.  Why bother now? I wore it like this all day!”

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