Earlier Journal Entry

Written after the 8 week appointment when Cybrdad got to see and hear our child for the first time.
Journal Entry from 4/3/08 (this time I was thinking clearly enough to date it!):

Your Dad and I went to the doctor today to check on your progress. You are growing like a little weed! We saw you and we saw your heartbeat, you are just over 1cm in length…then, like a magical moment, the doctor turned on the sonogram so that we could hear you. You heart beat was strong and fast, just like it should be. We were amazed. Awed. Your Dad could hardly believe what he was hearing, it was that incredible. We told all of our family about you and everyone is greatly anticipating you. You may be one of the most loved people of all time, you’ll see. Now all you have to do is grow healthy and strong, making sure your mommy is healthy too so that I am able to fly home to the U.S. by August or September. Your Dad will follow soon behind us and we will make you a safe, loving home to grow in surrounded by us and all those who love you.



  1. That’s so sweet 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how many people love your baby before he’s even born?

  2. gail Said:

    Aww, that just made me remember both my first scans. It’s a precious moment, one you will never forget.

    Good luck to all three of you, hope you have an uneventful pregnancy!


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