Cybrdad and I did a little shopping here in Hong Kong and decided that (even though it’s a bit early to buy stuff) we would buy our little girl a cute little Chinese-style dress:

Can you imagine how silly our baby will look if it happens to be a boy?  Hehe, it will still make a funny photo that we can use for blackmail when he hits the teenage years.

For now, we believe it is a girl, so we are going with that theory.  We bought the dress a bit large so that we could put it on a toddler, not a newborn.

We also bought a toy for our bundle of joy and reveled in how funny it was that we were actually purchasing a toy that wasn’t for us.  We are kinda funny that way, we both like toys.  Again, it will not be a useful toy until toddler stages, but it is sooooo cute and a twist to the normal “fit the shape thru the proper shaped hole” toy we normally see in the U.S.

So here it is:



  1. Mutha Mae Said:

    This is a good idea. I regret not doing more shopping when there. Chinese clothing especially. Might be a good idea to get a memory box and fill it with Chinese items so your child will always have something special from the place they were created!

  2. Nominimom Said:

    I was all “Holy crap! When did they find out it’s a girl?!?” Then I kept reading. Beautiful dress!

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