My low back is the source of great discomfort.

This has been an issue for nearly two weeks and I cannot sleep because of it.  I must constantly shift from my left side to my right side with temporary stops on my back.

I have been to a physiotherapist twice this week for adjustment.  The first session only helped for the first 24 hours after seeing the doc.  I am REALLY hoping that today’s session will be more effective.  I go back twice more next week.

The physio says it will only get worse the bigger my belly gets.  I have an unstable hip joint and it causes muscle spasms and sciatic pain.  It has been under control for a while, but she says the added pressure on my abdomen is likely putting pressure on the hip joint and adding to the instability.  Yeah.

So, I am typing this post all the while my butt cheeks are taped together to force my hip joint to work properly.

Oh, and tomorrow I am going to try to locate a belly support belt.  The physio thinks that may help.


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  1. Nominimom Said:

    I had terrible sciatica, so I definitely feel your pain. Hope you can find something to alleviate it soon!

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