And we have a…


No…a baby girl.  A very wiggly little girl.

The 20 week exam went well.  Everything looks as it should.  My blood pressure is in the normal range, albeit still higher than my normal bp.

The doc tried to get a 4D picture for us, but our little girl is so wiggly that she couldn’t get a quick still frame of her without her hands flailing in front of her face!  It was still very cool to see, even if we don’t get the keepsake.

Who knows, maybe my U.S. doc will do another 4D scan.  I have no idea what to expect from him as an OB, but I do know that as a GYN he is quite funny and easy to talk to.

IT’S A GIRL!!  Although the Chinese Birth Chart says it is a boy…



  1. Nominimom Said:

    Congrats on your little girl. I have no assvice to offer on that realm, but I wish you a very low-maintenance daughter. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl. I think baby girls are the best, but of course I have no experience with having a baby boy… anyway I know you will love seeing Cybrdad with her. SHe will have him wrapped around her little finger so fast. There is just nothing like a daddy and his little girl 🙂

  3. VegasDad Said:

    Congratulations! My wife will be so jealous. She wants a girl more than anything. Our 20-week appointment is on July 9 and that’s when we’ll find out.

    Congrats again. Cybrpunk/dad will be a great dad and you a great mom.

  4. Mutha Mae Said:

    I KNEW IT!! I had girl vibes this whole time. WOOOO!! Low maintenance daughter? What’s the fun in that, KD? HAH!! Any ideas on names or is that between you guys? I hope you have a shower and that I am invited to come. You can always come to me if you need any help or advice or just want to hang out and pass the time when you are sleep deprived and need someone to keep you awake. Those days pass quickly. We can go to all the attractions together and have the best time. I can’t wait!

  5. scrappysue Said:

    i haven’t been checking this blog regularly enough! YAAAAAAAAAAY – a girl!!!! girls are so cool! congrats! love the bump pic too. all the best for the move

  6. cybrpunk Said:

    Yep it seems it’s a girl. So I have to stop calling it an “it” now. The Chinese birthing chart must be defective. What can you do?

    Yes we have a name picked out but we are keeping it a secret. I’m not sure why other then just to increase the ‘mystery’ of it all. Because there really isn’t any mystery otherwise…..

  7. Blog-A-Baby Said:

    Congratulations! Baby girls are so much fun!

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