Halfway Around the World

We made it halfway around the world together, Baby Barie!

I was so worried about you all the way here, I stopped feeling you move on the airplane.

After being at my Dad’s for a couple of days and doing what had to be done to retrieve the fuzzy kids and resting as much as possible, I still wasn’t feeling you move.  I was also having muenstral-like cramps.  I called my doctor in St. Louis and he insisted that I go the Emergency Room at the local hospital here in St. Joseph. 

The ER took me in immediately and transferred me to OB, which was a relief to me since they are more specialized in the baby department.  They found a fetal heartbeat and all was well.  The heartbeat is good and strong, so they suggested that it is likely just the baby having jetlag combined with me having jetlag.

I had to call Cybr before I went to the ER to let him know what was going on and I had to call my Dad at work to let him know…he was leaving work early for the holiday and would have been worried sick if I wasn’t home when he returned home.  They were both worried sick.  I told my Dad not to leave work, that I would call him if I needed him.  He showed up anyway, he was worried sick.  I called Cybr as soon as I could to let him know we were okay…I hope he slept after my call because I doubt he slept before I called!

We are fine.  I am starting to feel movement again.  I am feeling rested and sleeping at night.  I am still exhausted frequently, but I am getting there.



  1. No Minimom Said:

    It’s amazing how sensitive those little folks are to our moods and emotions. My oldest didn’t move all day the day I found out our plant was being sold and I might very well lose my job.

  2. VegasDad Said:

    My wife has been through that a couple of times. It is very scary. Glad everything is okay.

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