23 weeks and counting…

The big excitement here in baby brewing land is that my belly is considerably larger than just a week/two weeks ago.  It is weird watching your belly grow.  It is starting to itch and feel stretched to max capacity…this probably isn’t good since I still have such a long way to go. 

Baby Barie is making a concerted effort to kick my belly button outward and although it isn’t actually working, it hurts!  I told her to stop kicking my belly button, so she kicked me even harder…it is now quite obvious that this is our kid.  She has both an attitude and mad ninja skills.

Ooh, and I went garage sale-ing today and found some clothing that looks brand new, never worn for not much monies.  Grandma bought it though, it was her first baby purchase and I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will get some pics and share my goodies some other time…Meanwhile, I have to eat something. I can’t eat much these days, as there is no room, so every couple of hours I am starving.  I think that is normal, but I hope I am not too ahead of schedule for that.

Oh, one more thing…I noticed that my appendectomy scar on my low belly is looking very purple again and I hope it doesn’t get worse.  I am moisturizing like crazy, but the scar is worse for the wear.  I hope it doesn’t get too bad, it was almost not noticeable pre-belly.  Anyone have any experience in this department??


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