Did I mention how good I look?

Seriously.  But I cannot take the credit.  It is all baby’s doing.

I have the best complexion I have ever had since pre-puberty.  I could not ask for more smooth, acne-free skin.  Thanks, Baby Barie! 

All I can do is assume it is hormone related and beg, plead and pray that it remains this way post-baby hormones.  A girl can dream…

Also, I watched my belly move during 4 strong kicks this morning.  That would be the first official time I actually saw my belly move. 

Now that I have felt the strong force of a baby inside my body, I seem to have a better understanding of how durable newborns really are.  I mean, sure, they are still delicate but they are not NEARLY as breakable and delicate as I have always feared.  I think it takes feeling the strength of the baby during justation to really comprehend that.  Or maybe just a fearless nature in general….I have always been afraid of breaking a new baby, they just seem so fragile.


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  1. scrappysue Said:

    get used to it michelle!!! i bet the skirt looked just fine tho

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