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At least I did moon everyone…again

I have a case of “baby brain”.  It probably isn’t a severe case of it, but occasionally it rears its ugly head.

I don’t know if any of you remember the “shoe incident” or the “moon over buddha” incident I have posted about in the past couple of months (both of which were moments of severe baby brain)…well, this is a similar story.

It seems that my “baby brain” incidents have a tendency to manifest in the form of wardrobe malfunctions.

You see, I wore a comfortable knee-length peasant skirt to work Friday and I wore it at home for several hours and I wore it to my friends house to meet her family and have dinner…it was on our way to have dinner that I noticed it.  Something was not right with my skirt and I could not pinpoint exactly what was the problem…

And then it occurred to me…

It was on wrong side out.

I got a laugh at this and told my friend about it so that she, too, may get a good laugh.  At dinner, I excused myself to use the bathroom and upon my return she asked if I “righted” my skirt.

My reply?  “Nah.  Why bother now? I wore it like this all day!”