I failed my sugar test so I must go back to the doctor and have it repeated, only this time it is the long version.  I was told to bring a book and expect to be there for 4 1/2 hours.  Yay.

I hope the test yields happier results than the first test did…

Also, I registered for baby gifts.  OMG!   As many baby gifts as I have purchased off the registry in the past 12 or so years, I never before realized what a painfully difficult process it actually is.  I do not envy any new mom-to-be that doesn’t have a small army of support to take with her.  It is mind-numbing and a long time to be on one’s feet.

I have pictures of all the registry excitement with my two friends (and moms) that helped me get through the gazillion choices that have to be made.  It was fun, but exhausting. 

Pictures of registering and of the bump to come soon!



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  2. Nominimom Said:

    I am sending sugar-less vibes your way! I failed the second test and had to do the GD diet for the last half of my pregnancy with #2. It sucked. I hope very very much that that doesn’t happen for you!

  3. VegasDad Said:

    Good luck with the long test. My wife is having her first test this week and we’re hoping it’s all good. She was fine with our first son, but this pregnacy has been much more brutal than last time around.

    Also, just a bit of a warning. Only register for stuff you really need. We went wild and got a lot of stuff the first time around. We ended up not using most of it.

  4. scrappysue Said:

    i didn’t get any stretch marks and i AM eternally grateful! the last stretch is tough, but will all be forgotten the second that baby is born!!! (then you get a whole new set of problems to deal with)

    KIDDING!!! HUGS xoxoxox

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