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Shower ‘n Stuff

I had my first shower this past weekend.  There will be two showers in total, it just works better that way.

My first shower went really well, it was mostly family and everyone was quite generous.  I got to eat cake.  Good cake, too.  White cake with white icing and a chocolate mousse filling…oh, yes, it was sugar icing and not that wanna-be-whipped icing.  Mmmm…so good…especially when sweet treats are few and far between due to gestational diabetes.

My shower was a bit of an anomaly.  There were no diaper, wipes or pacifiers at this shower.  Not one.  Weird, huh?

In other pregnancy news, I am approaching 34 weeks.  I think I am about 3.5 days from week 34.  I am still being monitered twice a week by my doc.  I have a bio-physical ultra-sound exam and non-stress tests plus I meet with my doc…I do this twice per week and it kinda sucks, but I have no other choice so I deal with it.

My doc says that he wishes all his high-risk tests came back with results as good as my baby gives.  She is perfect on paper, although I will try not to hold her to those expectations once she makes her appearance.  She has grown to a whopping 4 lbs., 11 oz. which seems like a lot to me since just 3 weeks ago she was 3.5 lbs.  Apparently her current weight makes her in the 32% size category for her gestational age and assuming that is all accurate, then she will be a good size baby.

Until the next baby shower…