She is here

Kira Barie Wagner made her way into the world on 11-8-08 at 20:20, weighing in at 7lbs 3 oz and 20″ long.  She is absolutely gorgeous and in spite of her rough journey, she is healthy.

Her story goes a bit like this…

On 11-6-08, my doctor scheduled me for labor induction to take place beginning on 11-10 and expected that she would arrive on 11-11.  The following day, 11-7-08, my water broke at 12:45 pm in my bathroom.  I took a class that tells you the majority of women leak small amounts of water and do not gush…I would not fall into the majority.

With a completely closed cervix, broken waters and contractions hitting me hard and regular, I called Cybrdad at work and laughed at the circumstances…I knew she was bullheaded already in her womb, now she was proving it by defying the doctors orders.  My mother-in-law came to pick me up and take me to the hospital.  They contacted my doctor’s office (by the way, he had just left town for the weekend…of course) and his colleague said to set me up with a pitocin drip immediately to get my cervix opening.

I labored throughout the remainder of the day, all night and into the next morning with only a dose of Stadol to get me some rest during the late night.  After 22 hours of this scenario, I could no longer hold my body up and requested an epidural (even thought the thought of an epidural sends me into panic attack-mode).  I received the epidural and continued to labor the remainder of the morning, afternoon, into the evening and on into the 7 o’clock hour on 11-8-08, when I spiked a fever of 101 degrees and baby Kira began to show signs of stress.  This is when the doc was called in and I was prepped for an emergency c-section.

It is amazing and frightening how quickly this process and preparation is.  I left behind all 7 grandparents who were waiting patiently for her arrival.  Dad dressed for surgery and waited to be let in.  I found myself under bright lights in a sterile, white room with a blue sheet draped in front of my face.  It was at this moment I found myself feeling detached from the moment and more frightened than I have ever been.

Cybrdad was brought in to be by my side and as he watched his little girl be pulled from my abdomen, he was unable to offer me much comfort.  I know he was frightened, too.  As soon as I heard her cry, I wanted to rush to her side.  I was strapped down crucifixion style to a table, though, and unable to go to her.  As much as I wanted Cybrdad near me, I sent him off to be with Kira.  I watched him from a distance as he immediately fell in love with his daughter.  He relayed everything to me as he watched her be cleaned, weighed, suctioned, printed, and he cut the cord.  I was so proud of him at that moment and touched by how much awe he expressed over this little person we made together.

Post birth, she had an infection due to the fever I spiked near the end of labor.  She was taken from us and put in special care and administered antibiotics for 48 hours.  She seems to have pulled through just fine.

I, on the other hand, was released from hospital on Wednesday 11-12-08 and went back Friday for another spinal tap to inject blood into the epidural cavity to relieve my massive spinal headache due to the spinal catheter I received in leiu of an epidural.  I went back again on Sunday with a fever of 101.6 degrees and wasn’t released until Tuesday 11-18-08, where I received 36 hours of IV antibiotics for a uterine infection and felt 10 times better about 20 hours into the treatment.

I was home with infection brewing thinking ‘Why would anyone choose a c-section if the recovery is this painful?!” and I was in excruciating pain, weak, and trying to care for my baby…needless to say, I cried a lot thinking I was doing a horrible job as a mother due to being extra-incapacitated from the infection.

Upon release from the hospital, I came home, showered, got dressed in actual clothing, took a shower, shaved, fixed my hair and then left with Cybrdad and Kira to go to her first pediatrician appointment.  That went well, the doc told us we were doing fine and Kira was doing fine…this turns out to be better than years of therapy, just having a doc say ‘you’re doing fine with your new baby’.

After her doctor appointment, I was actually feeling well enough to stop in for a Bellacino’s grinder with Kira in tow.  We had the place to ourselves, so we opted to dine in.  We sat and ate lunch for the first time as a family unit.  It was kinda cool.

And this is Kira’s story up til now!



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  2. Congratulations! I am glad you are both doing okay now. We can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  3. Mutha Mae Said:

    YIkes, so glad to get this update. Cybr posted on Twitter about taking you to the ER and I’ve been worried ever since. Sounds like a rough journey but it will only get better from here. I have heard those spinal headaches are brutal. Kira was in the same room as Av when she needed special care. Glad to hear things are much better.

  4. Nominimom Said:

    “Why would anyone choose a c-section if the recovery is this painful?!” That would be because just like your waters breaking, you also fell into the unlucky few who have complications with their C-section and spinal. You poor poor thing! I hope that baby is at least a good sleeper to make up for all that pain.

  5. tubeless Said:

    ugh.. spinal headaches are so not fun. I feel for you as I had that stupid blood patch too, but it worked in a very short period of time. Congrats on the baby and hope you all are taking many many pictures like we did and still are! hehe

  6. scrappysue Said:

    i’ve been thinking of you EVERY DAY since last tuesday, wondering how it all went! that’s tough, but it’s all going to be ok from now on! you are both strong and you are positive and i have just been to cyber’s site and she GORGEOUS!!!!! cyberhugs to you and your wonderful new family 🙂

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