I’m having a baby! I am in week 16 of my first pregnancy, so you guessed it! You are looking at yet another Mommy Blog…

Not just any mommy blog. Our situation is slightly different.

My husband and I are from the Midwestern United States and are currently living in Hong Kong AND we are knocked up!

We are preparing to move back to the U.S. during the pregnancy so that in itself is a bit stressful, add to it being pregnant and lets assume it makes it worse. We will not only be moving ourselves halfway around the world; we are also moving two cats, two dogs and (of course) the tiny alien growing inside me.

I am experiencing health care in a foreign country, but I will be giving birth in the U.S.

I (much like the millions of mommies out there that are blogging!) want to chronicle my experience for my own memory and if I can entertain anyone who happens to drop by for a read, all the better.

I also author another blog which you can find at catandmuse.com that chronicles my experiences living in Hong Kong — go check it out!


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