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Ready to meet my little beastie girl

Hey, my wiggly little girl!  I am ready to meet you.  I have waited a long time for this moment and I believe the time has come.  You are so worth the wait and soon I will get to hold you close.

Meanwhile, I still love feeling you move inside me; however, miracle of life or not, it has gone from cute to relatively uncomfortable when you move.  There is enormous pressure and discomfort…and this isn’t the worst that is to come!  No matter, I am still anxiously awaiting your arrival and so is your Dad.

The house is a mess, the unpacking isn’t finished, but we don’t care…we are ready to meet you.

I read you a book today called “On the Day You Were Born” and I cried a little at how appropriate it was.  All the world is awaiting you, my love, and a circle of people who can’t wait to meet you.  I have so enjoyed having you in my belly, growing and developing, but now I am ready to see you for the first time and watch you grow and develop in the world, in our family, in our love for you.

I will see you very, very soon little one!


Seventh Month Stretch

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed my pregnancy thus far…but I must say that my enjoyment is waning.

Now that I am in the 7th month stretch, all is going to shit.

I woke up with a fierce sinus infection Friday morning, which kept me and Cybr awake for about two nights due to my choking on mucus, blowingmy nose and getting up to pee everytime something besides my bladder woke me.  Cybr said I was snoring like a drunken Wookie in between all of the previously mentioned crappiness.

I called my doc to see what, if anything, should be done and he called in an antibiotic. 

Then, just a few hours later, the docs office called back to inform me that I did NOT, in fact, pass the second test and do INDEED have gestational diabetes. 

Top that off with my stomach stretching a little bit more and feeling like it is tearing both flesh and muscle and the big purple stretch marks that came from that sensation…and, well, I am just not enjoying much of anything pregnancy related right now.  In fact, it kinda sucks. 

I have no idea how I am going to get through this next 12 weeks, how I am (selfishness warning!!) goingto deal with my ever-changing for the worse body, and how NOT to spend all my time worrying that my insulin resistance will make this baby GINORMOUS, resulting in her beingforced into the world too early and increasing the likeliness of a c-section.  BAH!!

I feel a little better now.

But only a little.

P.S.  It is my pity party and I am entitled to have it (unless, of course, I never stop the party).  I have been told ABOUT 4 GAZILLION different remedies for preventing stretchmarks and, TRUST ME, I am doing many of them about three times per day and I am STILL GETTING THEM!!!  This just means that anyone who didn’t get them is just really f-ing lucky and should be thankful for it.


I am usually not a big fan of chiropractics, as I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past.  Usually, my experience is that they cause more pain than they treat but yesterday I was desperate for back/hip pain relief that has set in again since my return to the U.S. (I have been treated for this in Hong Kong several times, most recently the week before I left).

The added weight of my growing belly is causing my right hip (and perpetual problem area) to spasm and there isn’t a whole lot I can do to avoid that happening!  So, not having a real doctor to see, I took the word of my aunt and mom that there was a good chiropractor in Excelsior Springs and went in to see him. 

Surprisingly, he didn’t hurt me and he didn’t adjust me in a manner that caused more pain later.  I feel much better, although I am not cured.  So much better, in fact, that I slept for 7 straight hours last night without even waking up to pee.  This is practically a miracle!  I haven’t slept that good in about 3-4 months.


My low back is the source of great discomfort.

This has been an issue for nearly two weeks and I cannot sleep because of it.  I must constantly shift from my left side to my right side with temporary stops on my back.

I have been to a physiotherapist twice this week for adjustment.  The first session only helped for the first 24 hours after seeing the doc.  I am REALLY hoping that today’s session will be more effective.  I go back twice more next week.

The physio says it will only get worse the bigger my belly gets.  I have an unstable hip joint and it causes muscle spasms and sciatic pain.  It has been under control for a while, but she says the added pressure on my abdomen is likely putting pressure on the hip joint and adding to the instability.  Yeah.

So, I am typing this post all the while my butt cheeks are taped together to force my hip joint to work properly.

Oh, and tomorrow I am going to try to locate a belly support belt.  The physio thinks that may help.