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Ready to meet my little beastie girl

Hey, my wiggly little girl!  I am ready to meet you.  I have waited a long time for this moment and I believe the time has come.  You are so worth the wait and soon I will get to hold you close.

Meanwhile, I still love feeling you move inside me; however, miracle of life or not, it has gone from cute to relatively uncomfortable when you move.  There is enormous pressure and discomfort…and this isn’t the worst that is to come!  No matter, I am still anxiously awaiting your arrival and so is your Dad.

The house is a mess, the unpacking isn’t finished, but we don’t care…we are ready to meet you.

I read you a book today called “On the Day You Were Born” and I cried a little at how appropriate it was.  All the world is awaiting you, my love, and a circle of people who can’t wait to meet you.  I have so enjoyed having you in my belly, growing and developing, but now I am ready to see you for the first time and watch you grow and develop in the world, in our family, in our love for you.

I will see you very, very soon little one!


Shower ‘n Stuff

I had my first shower this past weekend.  There will be two showers in total, it just works better that way.

My first shower went really well, it was mostly family and everyone was quite generous.  I got to eat cake.  Good cake, too.  White cake with white icing and a chocolate mousse filling…oh, yes, it was sugar icing and not that wanna-be-whipped icing.  Mmmm…so good…especially when sweet treats are few and far between due to gestational diabetes.

My shower was a bit of an anomaly.  There were no diaper, wipes or pacifiers at this shower.  Not one.  Weird, huh?

In other pregnancy news, I am approaching 34 weeks.  I think I am about 3.5 days from week 34.  I am still being monitered twice a week by my doc.  I have a bio-physical ultra-sound exam and non-stress tests plus I meet with my doc…I do this twice per week and it kinda sucks, but I have no other choice so I deal with it.

My doc says that he wishes all his high-risk tests came back with results as good as my baby gives.  She is perfect on paper, although I will try not to hold her to those expectations once she makes her appearance.  She has grown to a whopping 4 lbs., 11 oz. which seems like a lot to me since just 3 weeks ago she was 3.5 lbs.  Apparently her current weight makes her in the 32% size category for her gestational age and assuming that is all accurate, then she will be a good size baby.

Until the next baby shower…

Happy Face!

Did I mention how good I look?

Seriously.  But I cannot take the credit.  It is all baby’s doing.

I have the best complexion I have ever had since pre-puberty.  I could not ask for more smooth, acne-free skin.  Thanks, Baby Barie! 

All I can do is assume it is hormone related and beg, plead and pray that it remains this way post-baby hormones.  A girl can dream…

Also, I watched my belly move during 4 strong kicks this morning.  That would be the first official time I actually saw my belly move. 

Now that I have felt the strong force of a baby inside my body, I seem to have a better understanding of how durable newborns really are.  I mean, sure, they are still delicate but they are not NEARLY as breakable and delicate as I have always feared.  I think it takes feeling the strength of the baby during justation to really comprehend that.  Or maybe just a fearless nature in general….I have always been afraid of breaking a new baby, they just seem so fragile.

Cold cuts? Really?

So, I have been in St. Louis all week but have been extremely busy, therefore no updates.

I saw my OB yesterday and I no longer feel so “in the dark” about giving birth.  Oh, believe me, I still have questions and will continue to have from now until the day I die (no guarantees on that either, if there’s an afterlife then I will have questions, hehe).   But at least I have learned a little bit more and things are a little bit clearer for me now.

Things are done a bit differently in Hong Kong and in some ways perhaps better and some worse.  At least now I am functioning within my comfort zone of knowledge.

I have two hospitals to choose from: Missouri Baptist and St. Joseph’s Kirkwood.  I prefer Mo Bap, at least I think I do.  I am going to tour both just for the hell of it.  If anyone has and would like to share an opinion on either/both of those hospitals, I would be grateful.

I have to have the sugar test, a couple of routine blood tests that docs in Hong Kong don’t do, and and ultrasound next time I go.  This visit was more of a “getting reacquainted” with my doctor kind of visit.

I am at about 23 weeks now.  I am feeling a lot more kicking in the past week, my belly has grown in the past week and I learned that maternity underwear are pretty much just like regular underwear…except that they don’t ride up.  I may never switch back.

Chini (my dog) is loving the belly and has spent a lot of time resting her head on it.  I think she can hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Maybe.

I learned this week at my doctor app’t that I shouldn’t eat deli cold cuts unless I microwave them.  This seems odd to me and perhaps a bit paranoid.  I have had numerous SubWay sandwiches throughout the five months of this pregnancy and ate a turkey club before I read the info yesterday…oops.  I guess its been okay so far, but I suppose I won’t push my luck. Guilt is such a pain in the butt.

One last thing, I am going to look into taking a birthing class of some sort…any suggestions??

And we have a…


No…a baby girl.  A very wiggly little girl.

The 20 week exam went well.  Everything looks as it should.  My blood pressure is in the normal range, albeit still higher than my normal bp.

The doc tried to get a 4D picture for us, but our little girl is so wiggly that she couldn’t get a quick still frame of her without her hands flailing in front of her face!  It was still very cool to see, even if we don’t get the keepsake.

Who knows, maybe my U.S. doc will do another 4D scan.  I have no idea what to expect from him as an OB, but I do know that as a GYN he is quite funny and easy to talk to.

IT’S A GIRL!!  Although the Chinese Birth Chart says it is a boy…


Cybrdad and I did a little shopping here in Hong Kong and decided that (even though it’s a bit early to buy stuff) we would buy our little girl a cute little Chinese-style dress:

Can you imagine how silly our baby will look if it happens to be a boy?  Hehe, it will still make a funny photo that we can use for blackmail when he hits the teenage years.

For now, we believe it is a girl, so we are going with that theory.  We bought the dress a bit large so that we could put it on a toddler, not a newborn.

We also bought a toy for our bundle of joy and reveled in how funny it was that we were actually purchasing a toy that wasn’t for us.  We are kinda funny that way, we both like toys.  Again, it will not be a useful toy until toddler stages, but it is sooooo cute and a twist to the normal “fit the shape thru the proper shaped hole” toy we normally see in the U.S.

So here it is:

Earlier Journal Entry

Written after the 8 week appointment when Cybrdad got to see and hear our child for the first time.
Journal Entry from 4/3/08 (this time I was thinking clearly enough to date it!):

Your Dad and I went to the doctor today to check on your progress. You are growing like a little weed! We saw you and we saw your heartbeat, you are just over 1cm in length…then, like a magical moment, the doctor turned on the sonogram so that we could hear you. You heart beat was strong and fast, just like it should be. We were amazed. Awed. Your Dad could hardly believe what he was hearing, it was that incredible. We told all of our family about you and everyone is greatly anticipating you. You may be one of the most loved people of all time, you’ll see. Now all you have to do is grow healthy and strong, making sure your mommy is healthy too so that I am able to fly home to the U.S. by August or September. Your Dad will follow soon behind us and we will make you a safe, loving home to grow in surrounded by us and all those who love you.

Back to the Beginning

This is my first post as a Mommy Blogger. I have been blogging at Cat and Muse for about two years, but it isn’t a dreaded mommy blog…not unless you consider the posts about my two cats, two dogs and hamster to be mommy posts. Anyway, I have decided to join the sometimes loved/sometimes hated Mommy Bloggers category and share my pregnancy with whoever decides to read it. Mostly, I want to chronicle the experience for myself and maybe for this child o’mine to read someday. The road to pregnancy was looking pretty rough and then (surprise!) here we are.

If you were to check out, you would see that I have been blogging about my life living abroad in Hong Kong. Having come from the Mid-Western United States all the way to Hong Kong (bringing 3 of our 5 pets with us, too!) is a huge change and it has been such a fun, exciting, educational, mind-broadening experience. I once considered it the greatest thing I have ever accomplished, but now I know that bringing this child into the world will be the greatest thing I ever do.

We created this baby here in Hong Kong (where we still reside…but not for much longer). We are moving back to the U.S. in about a month and that, too, will be an adventure.

The day I found out I was pregnant I began journaling about it. This may be my first official post, but I am going to share with you the journal entry written the day my doctor told me I was pregnant. It was written in mid-March, although I wasn’t thinking straight enough to date the entry…I had been told for two months and by two out of three doctors that I was in ovarian failure and would likely not get pregnant, the third doctor that disagreed with that diagnosis did still agree that I would not get pregnant due to my hormone levels being crazy low, too low to ovulate. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked and so was my doctor. Here is the entry from that day:

It has been a difficult three months of tests and bad news and doctors telling me I am in ovarian failure. Three months of waiting to have more tests to determine why I am not menstruating even with hormone therapy, waiting to learn if I can even conceive.

Then today the doctor did another ultrasound in order to approve the next procedure…and there you were. A little black blob on the screen overhead.

My doctor gasped and covered her mouth. I asked, “What does that mean?” knowing in my heart that I had made a tiny nest for you to grow in, but needing to hear the doctor say it in order for it to be true.

We aren’t in the clear yet. My hormone levels are low, a little too low and the doctor had given me Provera to try to stimulate a period (which is not good to take when pregnant, but the blood work and ultrasound said I wasn’t pregnant at the time).

I am so looking forward to meeting you...