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Daddy is coming home soon

To the little kicking machine growing inside me:

Your daddy is coming home from Hong Kong soon and I know that you will be very happy to hear him and have him close.  You kick a lot whenever I speak to him on the phone, I don’t know if that is a coincidence or not but it cracks me up.

I am so looking forward to the look of surprise when he sees how much you have grown and the joy it will give him to feel how strong you are when you kick your mommy.

He will be here in less than a day, so let’s get a good-night sleep tonight!

Did I mention how good I look?

Seriously.  But I cannot take the credit.  It is all baby’s doing.

I have the best complexion I have ever had since pre-puberty.  I could not ask for more smooth, acne-free skin.  Thanks, Baby Barie! 

All I can do is assume it is hormone related and beg, plead and pray that it remains this way post-baby hormones.  A girl can dream…

Also, I watched my belly move during 4 strong kicks this morning.  That would be the first official time I actually saw my belly move. 

Now that I have felt the strong force of a baby inside my body, I seem to have a better understanding of how durable newborns really are.  I mean, sure, they are still delicate but they are not NEARLY as breakable and delicate as I have always feared.  I think it takes feeling the strength of the baby during justation to really comprehend that.  Or maybe just a fearless nature in general….I have always been afraid of breaking a new baby, they just seem so fragile.

Cold cuts? Really?

So, I have been in St. Louis all week but have been extremely busy, therefore no updates.

I saw my OB yesterday and I no longer feel so “in the dark” about giving birth.  Oh, believe me, I still have questions and will continue to have from now until the day I die (no guarantees on that either, if there’s an afterlife then I will have questions, hehe).   But at least I have learned a little bit more and things are a little bit clearer for me now.

Things are done a bit differently in Hong Kong and in some ways perhaps better and some worse.  At least now I am functioning within my comfort zone of knowledge.

I have two hospitals to choose from: Missouri Baptist and St. Joseph’s Kirkwood.  I prefer Mo Bap, at least I think I do.  I am going to tour both just for the hell of it.  If anyone has and would like to share an opinion on either/both of those hospitals, I would be grateful.

I have to have the sugar test, a couple of routine blood tests that docs in Hong Kong don’t do, and and ultrasound next time I go.  This visit was more of a “getting reacquainted” with my doctor kind of visit.

I am at about 23 weeks now.  I am feeling a lot more kicking in the past week, my belly has grown in the past week and I learned that maternity underwear are pretty much just like regular underwear…except that they don’t ride up.  I may never switch back.

Chini (my dog) is loving the belly and has spent a lot of time resting her head on it.  I think she can hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Maybe.

I learned this week at my doctor app’t that I shouldn’t eat deli cold cuts unless I microwave them.  This seems odd to me and perhaps a bit paranoid.  I have had numerous SubWay sandwiches throughout the five months of this pregnancy and ate a turkey club before I read the info yesterday…oops.  I guess its been okay so far, but I suppose I won’t push my luck. Guilt is such a pain in the butt.

One last thing, I am going to look into taking a birthing class of some sort…any suggestions??


I am usually not a big fan of chiropractics, as I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past.  Usually, my experience is that they cause more pain than they treat but yesterday I was desperate for back/hip pain relief that has set in again since my return to the U.S. (I have been treated for this in Hong Kong several times, most recently the week before I left).

The added weight of my growing belly is causing my right hip (and perpetual problem area) to spasm and there isn’t a whole lot I can do to avoid that happening!  So, not having a real doctor to see, I took the word of my aunt and mom that there was a good chiropractor in Excelsior Springs and went in to see him. 

Surprisingly, he didn’t hurt me and he didn’t adjust me in a manner that caused more pain later.  I feel much better, although I am not cured.  So much better, in fact, that I slept for 7 straight hours last night without even waking up to pee.  This is practically a miracle!  I haven’t slept that good in about 3-4 months.


The baby has been moving a lot for the past two days.

or I just have some serious bowel issues.

No, really, it must be the baby moving.  It is the weirdest, coolest, vibrating, tickling sensation.

It does it frequently all day and night for the past two days.

It is the coolest thing ever.

Here’s the first belly picture -18.5 weeks

It isn’t the most flattering photo I’ve ever had taken, but it is my first baby bump…so it is what it is.


Cybrdad and I did a little shopping here in Hong Kong and decided that (even though it’s a bit early to buy stuff) we would buy our little girl a cute little Chinese-style dress:

Can you imagine how silly our baby will look if it happens to be a boy?  Hehe, it will still make a funny photo that we can use for blackmail when he hits the teenage years.

For now, we believe it is a girl, so we are going with that theory.  We bought the dress a bit large so that we could put it on a toddler, not a newborn.

We also bought a toy for our bundle of joy and reveled in how funny it was that we were actually purchasing a toy that wasn’t for us.  We are kinda funny that way, we both like toys.  Again, it will not be a useful toy until toddler stages, but it is sooooo cute and a twist to the normal “fit the shape thru the proper shaped hole” toy we normally see in the U.S.

So here it is: