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Cold cuts? Really?

So, I have been in St. Louis all week but have been extremely busy, therefore no updates.

I saw my OB yesterday and I no longer feel so “in the dark” about giving birth.  Oh, believe me, I still have questions and will continue to have from now until the day I die (no guarantees on that either, if there’s an afterlife then I will have questions, hehe).   But at least I have learned a little bit more and things are a little bit clearer for me now.

Things are done a bit differently in Hong Kong and in some ways perhaps better and some worse.  At least now I am functioning within my comfort zone of knowledge.

I have two hospitals to choose from: Missouri Baptist and St. Joseph’s Kirkwood.  I prefer Mo Bap, at least I think I do.  I am going to tour both just for the hell of it.  If anyone has and would like to share an opinion on either/both of those hospitals, I would be grateful.

I have to have the sugar test, a couple of routine blood tests that docs in Hong Kong don’t do, and and ultrasound next time I go.  This visit was more of a “getting reacquainted” with my doctor kind of visit.

I am at about 23 weeks now.  I am feeling a lot more kicking in the past week, my belly has grown in the past week and I learned that maternity underwear are pretty much just like regular underwear…except that they don’t ride up.  I may never switch back.

Chini (my dog) is loving the belly and has spent a lot of time resting her head on it.  I think she can hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Maybe.

I learned this week at my doctor app’t that I shouldn’t eat deli cold cuts unless I microwave them.  This seems odd to me and perhaps a bit paranoid.  I have had numerous SubWay sandwiches throughout the five months of this pregnancy and ate a turkey club before I read the info yesterday…oops.  I guess its been okay so far, but I suppose I won’t push my luck. Guilt is such a pain in the butt.

One last thing, I am going to look into taking a birthing class of some sort…any suggestions??


Mostly just stuff

I haven’t written much lately.  I am keeping quite busy with moving half way around the world only 5+ days away now.  There has been much to do in the past few weeks.

All is well with me and the bean.  Nothing much to tell.  Movement was the most recent milestone, which you can read about in the previous post.  Otherwise, all is much the same.  I feel good.  I am sleeping better now that my back is feeling better, not 100% but definitely better.

I just can’t believe we are leaving so soon.  You settle on a date and it is here before you know it, much like pregnancy…You find out you are pregnant and the next thing you know (in my case) *snap* and I am halfway through the pregnancy.  I expect it will slow down once I am big and uncomfortable.  That seems like the norm.

We are going in for our 20 week check-up on Thursday, so I will keep you posted on what happens then.  If I have time, I will post an updated ultrasound.

The only other thing I can think to mention is how all the grandparents are pretty excited about us coming home and having us and the soon-to-be new baby  home.  They are all pretty cute about it.  The only one who’s interest occasionally seems waning is my mother, but that is her.  She can’t wait to see me and the bump and makes a big deal about how soon will I get into St. Louis from Kansas City because she can’t wait to see me.  Then, she says…”well, if you are going to stay in KC for more than three weeks, let me know and maybe I will come up there”.  It isn’t as if she has a job or doesn’t have a free place to crash, it is just that she really doesn’t enjoy spending time with me.  Only in theory, not in reality.  So, whatever.  I would prefer to chill out at my Dad’s and relax with my fuzzy kids and not be bothered anyway.  I will have to overcome jetlag that generally lasts about 4-5 days during this pregnancy, so rest and relaxation is top priority during that time.  Not to mention spending every moment I can with my fuzzy kids before leaving the cats for however long it takes us to find a place of our own.  I am going to miss my kids.  Francois most especially, he and I are very close.

Anyway, the final days in Hong Kong are here, I am sad about that chapter ending, happy about the next ready to begin, looking forward to my exam on Thursday, and boarding a plane in less than a week…